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5 Holiday Decorating Tips

1. When decorating for the holidays, try to establish a theme and style that works with the décor and design of your home.  This will help your space look more cohesive.


2. Try to limit your holiday color palette.  Having a wide array of colors can become distracting and does not provide cohesion to your space.  Limiting your holiday color palette three to four colors is best and try to choose colors that works well with your existing décor.  Silver, blue and white; red gold and brown, or green, gold and silver are all pleasing color combinations.

Color Palette

3. Allow all of your senses to experience the holidays.  Baking fresh cookies makes your home feel warm and cozy.  Scented candles and potpourri in your communal spaces provides a very inviting feel.

candles and cookies

4. Home crafts can be a fun family tradition that can involve the kids. Purchase ready made wreath of greens and decorate it.  You can use all sorts of craft items, such as ribbons, pine cones, crystals and beads to decorate it.  It’s a fun activity and creatively yours!


5. Rearrange your furniture to accommodate your guests during this festive time of the year.  Creating different seating spaces within an area to better facilitate circulation can be key.  You want your guests to feel comfortable and not crammed in your space.

Seating Areas
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