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5 Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Lighting is a very important design element – it can make or break a space.  Here are 5 lighting mistakes you will want to avoid:

1) Excess use of recessed lighting: can create a harsh lighting environment for your space.  You want to use the light sparingly and be mindful of where you place it.  Here are a few general rules of thumb: you want to place the light three feet away from the wall.  As for spacing, take the ceiling height and divide it by two.  If its a 10 foot ceiling, you will want to space the lights every 5 feet.

2) Using the wrong wattage for a specific place: Wattage is a very important factor that often gets overlooked.  Here are general guidelines on the types of wattage needed for specific places within your home: 60 watts for the dining room, 75-100 watts for the living room, 40-60 for reading, working on a computer 60 watts, putting on makeup 60-80 watts.

3) Not using dimmers: dimmers allow for flexibility in your space.  I would recommend using dimmers for most of your lighting – this allows you the control the amount of lighting used throughout the day and for specific uses.

4) Placing your light switches in the wrong place.  Your light switch should be about 36″ above the floor and about 1.5 – 2″ off the side of the door casing.

5) Relying on only one light source: try to layer the lighting within your space at different heights.  This creates a layered look to your room and makes it a much warmer and inviting space.

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