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Basic Window Treatment Options

Window treatments are very important to have in your space.  They provide privacy, allow you to control light coming in and also provide a sense of completion to a designed space.  Here are a few different window treatment options for you to choose from:

Curtains – are the most popular and widely used window treatment option.   They come in different colors, patterns, fabrics.  They can be hung from a curtain rod or rings attached to a rod which are installed above a window frame.  There are many different ways to hang and drape your curtains and there are many different lengths to choose from as well.


Drapes – are similar to curtains but are normally made from a heavier, lined fabric and are hung from a traverse rod with a string for easy open and closing.  Drapes provide a more grander look and are usually found in formal type rooms.

Drapes Grand-Salon

Sheers – are most commonly used with curtains and drapes.  They are mostly used for decoration for they don’t provide privacy or light control.

Sheers elegant-contemporary-living-room-design-ideas-with-beautiful-vertical-sheers-luminette-wandcord-blinds-sliding-panel-window-and-glazed-doors-treatment-ideas-furniture-and-accessories-sliding-panel-int-565x452

Blinds – are also very popular and widely used.  They provide privacy and allow you to control light coming into your home.  They are made from wood, metal or vinyl and come in all different widths and lengths.

Blinds Interior_Design_4_Vue_6_0_img

Shutters – are normally made from wood and provide privacy and light control.  They also can open and close in a fashion similar to a door, therefore providing more options in allowing light in.

shutters hunter-douglas-interior-shutters-500

Shades – are another popular choice.  They regulate the amount of light that comes into your space and come in different types of styles and materials.  Some of these styles include, roman, pleated, solar, motorized, balloon and roller.

shades contemporary-window-blinds

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