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Both a timeless color and a trending color: decorating with indigo

Indigo is a timeless color that elicits feelings of majesty and spiritual depth. These associations are no coincidence. Back before it was possible to make synthetic dyes, the plant, indigofera tinctoria, used to extract indigo dye was rare and thus, expensive. Wearing indigo colored clothing was a symbol of status and in the era of Elizabeth I, even regulated by law. Soon the Christian Church also adopted the color as a divine symbol of heavenly grace–the Virgin Mary is often depicted wearing the color. Today, some people say indigo activates the right, creative side of the brain or use indigo in chromotherapy to reduce stress and increase compassion. Upon seeing indigo for the first time, neuroscientist Oliver Sacks was filled with rapture. Whatever you believe, it is certain that indigo has the magical power to make your home look and feel amazing.

Just a splash of indigo can make a powerful statement and add so much feeling to a room. When a space is decorated in neutrals, as this one is, indigo is the perfect color to add to the equation.

Add indigo in an intricate design, like the one on these chairs. Patterned, glazed pottery is another great way to add the color to your space.

Have a room that feels a little too cutesy for your taste? Painting the walls a deep shade of indigo matures soft design.

Not only is indigo a timeless color, but it also makes anything painted in it feel timeless. The indigo trimming on this modern house makes the design feel more classic.

Indigo has the opposite effect in this old world, Spanish style kitchen–the indigo brings the design into the 21st century by adding excitement to the room.

Not a fan of the traditional navy and white seaside decor or just want to break the mold? Decorate with indigo to get a beachy feel without the cliche. Indigo also looks stunning against white.

Indigo looks great against white, but I love the way this room also combines indigo with other colors. Sure, indigo is complex, but with hints of red and blue, it works exceedingly well with almost any color in the wheel! Add golden fixtures or even upholstery for an even classier look.

Place blue gray next to indigo to add a feel of elegance to your room.

Placing a color next to a reddish wood can be a challenge, especially if you want to introduce a color on the warm end of the spectrum. Cool colors can often feel cartoonish. The red hints in indigo pick up the tones in the wood without clashing or contrasting too intensely.

To add intrigue, try decorating the same room with both light and deep indigo.

When used to decorate a bedroom, indigo relaxes the space and makes it feel like a sanctuary.

Want to make a small room feel more exciting? Give it a good dose of indigo. Many people are afraid to go bold in small spaces for fear of making the room feel cave-like. I think the opposite is true of a small room doused in indigo–it feels majestic not stuffy! To break up the indigo add some other colors as this designer did with the peach velvet couch (which feels so luxe) and the fabulously unique white chair.

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