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Cabin Fever

Winter is coming…and it’s a good thing! We’re lucky that in the 21st century we can enjoy the cold season in comfort and style. As an east coaster, winter is a time to breath in cold air laced with the scent of wood burning fireplaces. Without wishing away the last beautiful days of autumn, I can’t help but feel inspired by the season ahead. Whether you’re looking for wonderland inspiration for your own home or just want to imagine the home you dream of cozying up in after a long day on the slopes, look no further!

A warm up photo…

Couches designed for curling up in are an essential of any good winter home. I will assume that the photographer is standing next to a fireplace.

Though I like the burrow-like feeling a log cabin gives, if you have a tendency toward claustrophobia painting the interior a light color will open up your space.

Wooden cathedral ceilings retain the log cabin feel, but add elegance.

Aside from power outages, we rarely get to light a room only by the glow of our fireplace. Try lighting your fireplace (make sure there is a protective covering on of course!) and turing out the lights. There is no better place to do this than from the comfort of your own bed.

I love this colonial style wintery bedroom. The metal fireplace updates the design.

Modern can be cozy. Instead of the traditional modern white walls, I love how this light green paint creates a warm feel.

I know it’s painful to run to the hot tub in the middle of winter, but just imagine it’s a beautiful summer day like the one in this photo.

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