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DIY Refinishes for Your Laminate Countertop

Wanting to refresh those tired old laminate counter tops but are not ready for a complete overhaul?  Here are some great ways to change the look of your laminate countertops:

1) Concrete – If you want your counter tops to look like finished concrete, you can achieve this look by using Ardex, which gives a smooth, concrete looking finish to a variety of substrates.


2) Metal Banding – This produces a very retro look to your space.  It is also a great way to hide chipped surfaces.  The  Retro Renovation. does a great job in explaining how to install these bands.


3) Tile – Although this option is more time consuming, it can produce a very nice look to your space. The  DIY Network has a step by step tutorial on how to install tile over laminate.

white tile

4) Faux Marble – This DIY fix involves hand painting. Here is a step by step guide on achieving this look: Gorgeous Shiny Things

faux marble

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