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“Expanding” Your Kitchen

Lets face it, living space in the city can be tricky – it’s just never enough and you are always wanting a bit more of it!  So, what you can do it work with what you have and fully leverage design to your spacing advantage. One of the spaces that gets most compromised is the kitchen.  So here are a few tips on ways to make your kitchen feel bigger.

Painting your walls and cabinets in a lighter color will not only brighten up the space but will also give the illusion of it being more expansive.  It is also important to add depth to the space.  This can be done in a number of ways by simply using paint.  A semi-gloss paint will reflect light and in turn make the space seem even more open. Painting the kitchen ceiling a shade lighter than the color used on the walls will give the appearance of a higher ceiling.

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Window treatments can either close off a space or allow the space to feel expansive.  A few good options for window coverings are roman shades in a fabric that can easily be wiped down, vertical blinds in a light color, or light drapery fabric.  You want to avoid fabrics that are bulky and heavy.

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If your kitchen is a closed kitchen but has space for dining furniture,  you want to choose pieces that are right in scale, are light in color and visually do not look bulky. Choosing the right furniture for this space is an exercise in finding a fine balance between form and function.

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Organizing the kitchen and clearing out any clutter is key in opening up the space.  Get rid of anything that is really not used such as appliances, dishes and other items. The idea here is to open up unused space and to remove those items that live on your kitchen counter.  When you leave your counter space open, it automatically creates a feeling of expansiveness. A good alternative to using your counter top as storage is to simply install storage hooks into your wall or ceiling.  You can also add shelving to artfully place your appliances.

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Thinking outside of the box is key to “expanding” your kitchen.  There are many products out there that offer alternative solutions to traditional storage options. Look to retailers like the Container Store that specialize in storage solutions and see how you can incorporate that into your space.

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