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Explore New Colors

Happy New Year! The new year is a great time to make changes or revamp your design look!

It is an exciting time in design, as companies recently announced their Colors of the Year for 2017 in fabrics, paints and more. This year’s colors are bold and exciting, and can be used together for a strong statement, or you can use the bolder colors as accents for a pop of color.

Pantone announced its Color of the Year selection for 2017: 15-0343 Greenery: a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade” that evokes spring, foliage, and the outdoors. Benjamin Moore chose Shadow 2117-30, a royal amethyst shade that changes in light. Sherwin-Williams highlights Poised Taupe SW 6039 as a timeless neutral that can be used as a main color or a cool accent.

Pantone has selected a color of the year since 2000, and the color can be seen in fashion, home design, as a paint or fabric color. This year’s selection, Pantone 15-0343 Greenery, evokes the first days of spring, when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.


Pantone’s Color of the Year, 15-0343 Greenery, is shown here in a modern kitchen, photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Open spaces in interior and exterior design and floor-to-ceiling windows allow the green outdoors to become part of a room’s backdrop and ambiance, according to Pantone. Adding Greenery through living walls, terrariums, botanically-themed wallpaper, paint, accent furniture and decor provides respite and breathing space. A Greenery-painted wall or piece of furniture delivers a pop of color, with the added benefit of creating the illusion of nature indoors.

Bringing the outside in, the shade — like the plant life it represents — can improve self-esteem, reduce anxiety and heighten awareness of one’s surroundings.


Other companies have followed their lead, choosing colors they see gaining popularity as versatile. Benjamin Moore’s Shadow 2117-30, is an amethyst color that changes in the light, offering a changing ambiance.

“It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life. Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal. Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood,” says Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director at Benjamin Moore.


Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, Shadow 2117-30, is an amethyst shade that changes in the light, with lighter or darker tones depending on sunlight or lighting in the room. Photo by Benjamin Moore.

Sherwin-Williams anticipates Poised Taupe SW 6039 as defining 2017. This timeless neutral is modern, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool.

Taupe can be used as a paint color, or as a neutral in furniture, pillows, bedding and more. It can set the stage for more bold color choices, or provide a calm, restorative mood for a room.


Here Poised Taupe is shown in a entryway. It also can be used as a color choice for furniture or bedding. Photo by Sherwin-Williams.

Let Holzman Interiors help you choose your colors for the new year! Contact us for a free design consultation and see our photo galleries for more examples of our work.

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