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Getting in the Holiday Spirit?

Tis’ the season to throw a party! Sometimes looking around your apartment you realize how unprepared you are for the Holiday…Here are a few helpful tips to get yourself geared up for welcoming family and friends into your home so you are not forced into a impromptu party.

What to cook is not the only burden with preparing to have holiday dinner at your house, especially if you live in NYC. Where to put your guests can be the biggest dilemma. A great solution: extendable dining tables. Not only are the functional, maybe architects have created beautiful art pieces out of these tables.

Here is an extenidible table one of my clients HAD to have in thier Connecticut home. This masterpiece is the Amboise Table by  Jiun Ho and it fits wonderfully in this large dining room regardless of how many are sitting for dinner.

Make sure to keep inventory of your serveware. If you live to use your wedding silver, make sure its polished. If you are planning of serving your wine in crystal? Be sure to check each piece for chips. Sharpen your knives, count your bowls, just be sure you are ready for the big day, whenever that may be. And maybe a few unexpected plus ones.

Most importantly, display your pieces around your house. Its a great way to get your creative juices flowing when planning a big dinner. I absolutely LOVE the look of these dim-lit pantries.

Poor lighting can really ruin your mood so imagine what it can do to your intimate holiday party. You want guests to feel comfortable, but you also want to keep the area light enough so that everyone can see. Layer different types of lighting and bring in lamps at different heights. Make sure all the light bulbs are working and replace any burned-out bulbs

And don’t forget how amazing candle light can be as well…

After being in business for over 20 years, there are a few parts of the house I have mastered, the Kitchen in one of those spaces. And nothing makes a party, and life, easier then a built in mini-wine cooler. Not only does it clear up space in your refrigerator, but its great way to keep up with wines you love and wines you’d rather not sip again. Something this size is perfect…

You don’t need knock down a wall but this cellar is certainly exceptional.

The biggest importance is your guests comfortably. Your furniture should be comfortable and beckon your guests to sit down and enjoy the company. Add throw blankets onto your couch in case a friend feels a chill, incoorperate extra pillows and quicy seating if more family show up then planned.

Foster conversation by arranging your furniture around each other, the TV can be tuned to a game or music channel but never the focal point of the room. If you are working with a small space, tuck unwanted clutter away so the room accommodate your guests and makes it easy for everyone to stretch.

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