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Greenery in your home: inspiration and tips

What adds beauty and function to your home? House plants–they purify the air and create a warm, relaxing ambience. I know you feel it, and studies prove it too. In honor of the impending cold weather, we’ve compiled some tips on how to bring the outdoors in!

In many homes with high ceilings, the majority of vertical space is wasted. Don’t waste those lofty square feet! Get a tree. If you have the means to hire a contractor or are especially handy, build a large pot right into your floor.

This is a look rarely seen outside of the holiday season–pine trees indoors. As long as your pine tree isn’t shaped like a triangle, you don’t need to worry about looking too festive. I love this look. It’s classy.

Low light situation? Not all plants have evolved to love getting blasted by sun day in and day out. Mosses, known for thriving on forrest floors, does exceptionally well with minimal light and in damp situations…like next to your bathtub! As pictured here, grow it up your wall. Other plants that do well indoors and don’t need hours of direct sunlight are rubber trees, snake plants, bamboo, and golden pothoses.

Herbs are the perfect type of plant for your kitchen. Need some rosemary for that chicken dish you’re cooking? It’s right there. As long as a window is nearby, they will grow–most herbs need a lot of light. Basil, bay, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and tarragon will all do well inside. If you’re laking counter space, try a vertical garden like the one shown in the picture.

If you have a miniature body of water in your house and you haven’t draped the area in plants, I will personally come to your house with potting soil, seeds, and a shovel. If you don’t have a pond, planting around a fish tank will look comparably awesome.

Have a large window, but don’t want your neighbors or people passing by to peer? Try creating a privacy wall with trellised plants. It will be much more attractive than those curtains you were thinking of buying and will let more light through. Choose a plant that climbs, like english ivy, which, according to NASA, is the most air purifying plant.

Have a window bench you never sit on? Create a lovely display of many smaller potted plants on a window bench.

To create a minimalistic, clean plant display use succulents, cactuses, and plants with a small number of large leaves.

I know roofs are on the outside of your home, but how cool is this? Rooftop gardening has grown in popularity among urbanites. Some restaurants even source the majority of their produce from the top of their building.

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