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Guide to a Well Lit Room

Good lighting is never really noticed, it is something that is experienced.   Here are a few tips to obtaining the right amount of lighting for your desired space.

Localize your light source:  The goal here is to incorporate multiple points of light.  You want the room to have layers of light that blend well together.

layers of light

Add a dimmer:  Dimmers are great for multi-purpose rooms.  They allow flexibility to your desired level of lighting and are a great source of energy savings.

DIM lighting Romantic-Bedroom-Ideas-With-Decorative-Lighting

Know the functionality of the room: It is important to know what the space is primarily being used for.  Different spaces call for different types of lighting, so it is best to determine the use from the beginning.

functionality contemporary-kitchen-lighting-and-cabinet-lighting

Choosing the right bulb: CFLs and LED are a really good option to use when deciding on a bulb.  They can be pricey but are great energy savers and can save you money in the long run.  Avoid using fluorescent tubes, for they produce a light that is not pleasing to the eye.


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