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How do design with Tile in a Unique Way?

This wont be your typical tile blog entry. The fact is, designers and home-owners alike have peeked an interest in unique ways to use tile around the house, and not just on the walls. I, too, was amused at all the possibilities where tile could be used. Walking about through the floors of the D&D building, I found tile everywhere; on floors and ceilings, with window treatments and accessories. The fact is, tile itself is art, so what better way to magnify the style in your home then to plaster tile everywhere, literally. This luxorious home did not leave any detail behind. From the gold-motif ceiling pattern, the zebra skin rug to the pleasant audacity of the shimmering chandelier, this room has it all. But looking closer you will find beauty in the hand-crafted Serena Screens that boarder the room.

A closer look at these Serena Screens prove they are like “jewelry for your home.”  The capiz-like tile adds sparkle to your home and are functional as well, diving any room to add more privacy when needed.

Decorative tile has been used outdoors in many central American/South American country’s, but is making its way up North. This outdoor patio proves playful color tile can be fun AND sophisticated. It also takes the pressure off of accessorizing the patio with outdoor-safe decorations.

These marble decorative tile risers reminds me of an aged Renascence Mansion. The elegance it brings to the steps is clear and powerful. Not only beautiful to look at, the tile kick plate helps hind all those hard to wash scuff marks left on your stairway.

Another use of tile kick plates on your stairs, although this one add some shimmer to your foyer. It also makes to wonder what the rest of the house looks like upstairs.

Love this pop-art treatment in the powder room. Its all about making a statement and this English Rose mosaic does just that. The idea is to keep the rest of the room simple and eliminate clutter to keep these roses in focus.

Cant decide what to tile, how about tile everything! The floor to ceiling yellow tile really creates an open space in this Mexican Kitchen. The room lights up dramatically when the natural sunlight beams through the windows and hit the semi-polished tile walls.

This is the same home, the yellow tile pours out onto the walking path and adds continuity to the home.

Love this tile pattern and the miminalism of this living room. The tiles are pure white with a finished surface that may be painted any color, although paint is not required.  Made from high grade industrial gypsum, these tiles add passion to the room. You can find these tiles and more like it online  .Here is the link: Bloom.

Found this dresser to a fantastic addition to your home. The unconventional wood tiles are clean and sleek looking and would love lovely in any bedroom, either masculine or feminine. The tile wood detail is hugely unique.

Fell in love with these “Precious Pebble Tiles.” The look is playful and polished but also creates such an organic feature to your home. You can find these “Precious Pebble” tiles in a variety of different colors at Cercan Tile.  Here is the link: Tile.

I know, I know…a tiled bathroom is far from unique but this flower pattern tile is advanced This collection is from one of my favories, Ms. Ann Sacks titled ‘Blossom’ as part of her Beau Monde Glass collection. The pattern speaks modern chaos at its finest.

This is a home I finished in NYC on Irving Place.  The bachelor wanted something bright and suave which is why I choose Ann Sacks for the tile.  Perfect for smaller Kitchens, the backsplash adds color and enthusiasm. Ann Sacks really makes some beautiful one-of-a-kind collections.

Another tiled bathroom but I couldn’t resist. These Sicis Glimmer Mosaic glass tiles are spectacular. The rich iridescent color is created by treating beautiful translucent colored glass with premium metal oxides. The resulting glimmer tile reflects light falling on it and through it with changing, contrasting effects.

I can’t think of a better way to relax then slipping into a warm bath with meditating monks gazing down a completely covered wall. With so much detail in the tile your bathroom can be essentially empty with effortless style and pzazz.

Another fun and functional way to add tile in your home is tabletops or countertops. The tile is easy to clean and creates a one of a kind piece in your home.

Purchased too much tile to cover the walls, use that extra pieces to insulate the kitchen sink.


These tiles are, in fact, made from leather. Installing this unique piece really amplifies the lines of your master bedroom and adds power a very important feature of your home.

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