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How Indigo is the New Black.

As the seasons change and trends come and go, so does my admiration for unique colors. Even with my fickle ways, there is still an old flame that seems everlasting: indigo. The hue, derived from a plant called Indigofera, grew in popularity with its use in denim. Feng Shui says the deep color creates tranquility and relaxation.  Here are some examples of incorporating this mysterious and transcendental color into your home.

This high-gloss paint on the wall reflects the lighting and adds life to this over-sized media room. The client wanted to display his autographed records and so using a dark indigo color frames the pieces very well. And you cant miss the desk! Which was finished off with car paint for that super glossy look!

This blue cabinet-like vanity caught my eye. The masculinity of the blue pops the white counter tops and adds an interesting contrast with the pieces feminine nature. Also, the blue is a nice middle ground between the large mirror and wood floor.

Splashes of indigo add life to any white room. Here, the inclusion of blue casts a pleasant nautical touch to this casual sitting area. Finding the perfect fabric to accent your home cant be hard but you can find lots of options at Kravet Fabrics. (Here is a link:

Love this classic pairing of deep blues and burnt yellows. The solid couch allows you to add pattern in both the rug and the drapes. And who doesnt love this zig-zag indigo and white area rug.

Here we find that elegance meets eclectic. The indigo chandelier is a fantastic way to spice up your living room that can seem to appear too static.

Don’t forget about the ceiling, or how some like to refer to it as the 5th wall. The textured indigo wall paper adds a sophisticated touch to this fresh dining room.

I could curl up in this cozy bedroom and feel perfectly relaxed. Here the designer layered different hues to blue to complete the look. The crisp white accents make this room look very tailored.

Love the ottoman and the gold and blue paring.

High-gloss indigo tiles bring out the best of this space in this open kitchen. The color is speckless and clean and a god-send for your kitchen.

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