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How To Change Your Style!

This week as I’ve been struggling with taking a client out of the “Chintz” world into what is happening in the design world today. With more casual lifestyles and clothing attire, the same thing is happening in the interior design world. I never want to push a client more than they want to, but, you can make some simple changes that will transform a traditional space into a transitional space.

First, you can use the fabric that you love on any piece of furniture. It’s easy to change the rolled arm sofa that you are familiar with and look for something with cleaner lines.

Or if you like a traditional stripe – change it up and put it on something different

And lastly instead of picking a very traditional coffee table, try one that works for an easier lifestyle

Just remember, every time you want to de-clutter your life, try it with your furniture as well. Make your accents speak and not a room that speaks “Too Much Furniture”!

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