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How to Create a Room Through Wood Paneling?

The innovation in interior design these days seems to be limitless! Trends that cultured a bad rap have now found there way into show rooms with a classic yet modern edge. Wood paneling, is one of these trends. Just as the words leave my mouth I can picture the daunting, gloomy ambiance of those 1970’s dungeons. The dark wood paneling draping every inch of the room, the red velvet drapes and linoleum floors. I didn’t think after such a disaster, wood would ever be able to make a comeback, but I. was wrong.

All of a sudden paneling seems to have cleaned itself up, lightened its stain and spent more concern on quality rather then quantity. With some helping tricks, easy wood paneling has found its way back into our homes, and our hearts.

One key to wood is LIGHT. Not just the light color of the stain but also the amount of natural light in the room. Dark and gloomy comes from too much wood and too little light. So rid your room of heavy drapery and let the light spill in.

Contemporary Living Room design by New York Interior Designer MuseInteriors

Before, modern wood paneling was something of a myth, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness. But then came this sleek looking stylish contemporary edge, proof that wood doesnt detract from a modern space.  The key? Square panels and a natural finish, very sophisticated.

Modern Hall design by San Francisco Architect John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Tip #3: Introduce bold pops of color. Keeping the rest of the room monotone makes bold colors easy to integrate into your style. Notice how this arrangement includes three dark furnishings: two chairs and an ottoman. But taking a step back, the room is fun and light with colorful drapes, pillows and rug.

Contemporary Living Room design by Los Angeles Interior Designer Michael Fullen Design Group

Have fun with the paneling but mixing up the direction of the wood grain. Too much linear gesture can be boring, especially when you are applying the paneling too a larger surface.

Modern Family Room design by Miami Photographer Craig Denis

Love this horizontal paneling.

Modern Living Room design by San Francisco Architect emily jagoda

Use weathered or reclaimed wood to add texture and timelessness to your home. If you find yourself hiding from bright colors and falling for a very clean modern linear look, they you will love how this composition accents your home.

Contemporary Living Room design by Chicago Architect Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Push the limits! If you’re finding yourself falling in love with wood, then go the extra mile and apply it to a room that really stands out. Extend it from the wall to the ceiling. Spread it across the room. This technique really works in rooms with soaring ceiling heights. Plus, I love how wood paneling feels so right around the fireplace.

Modern Living Room design by Los Angeles Architect Studio William Hefner

Spruce up your white room with painted paneling. The white semi-gloss paint creates a sleek look that is shiny and clean. This idea works well in rooms with existing old wood panels.

Eclectic Dining Room design by General Contractor Borges Brooks Builders

I find that soft toned painted paneling adds so much charm to your home. If you have trouble commiting to an entire room, find a spot overlooking a focual point in your room. This room for example, placed the beach sea green panels over the bed and really gives warmth to a very important part of any home.

Traditional Bedroom design by Orange County Interior Designer Wendi Young Design

Which brings us to another important trick; limit the amount of wood so its enjoyable and not over-done. Accent wood paneling adds so much interest into a particular part of the room, like this wet bar.

Contemporary Kitchen design by Ottawa Kitchen And Bath Tanner Vine – 2Go Custom Kitchens Inc

Use light flooring with dark wood to create an equilibrium. In many cases, the dark wood will act as an accent wall. The designer here was very strategic when using this style by keeping the stark contrast of wood colors in a narrow part of the house. This concept will not work everywhere.

Modern Hall design by San Francisco Architect John Maniscalco Architecture

Panel the refrigerator! Its amazing how versatile wood paneling has become. And hiding your kitchen appliances with rich dark paneling is spectacular in this modern cabin-like kitchen.

Modern Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect SB Architects

One place wood paneling has always felt right was in a spa-like setting, which is why it fits so easily in this open bathroom. The light looks so natural as it reflects off the natural wood.

Love the contrast of colors in this ying/yang bathroom. The natural wood colors with the sea green and blue tiles gives the impression you are emerged under water or out in the wilderness.

Modern Bathroom design by San Francisco Architect At-Six Architecture

Love the architectural detail this detailed wood paneling adds to the room. It creates a very intimate backdrop for your headboard and bed.

Contemporary Bedroom design by Charleston Interior Designer Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

Wainscot lining the walls of this nook add to its fresh charm, while an over-sized fixture clearly announces this is a modern space.

Contemporary Dining Room design by Other Metros Media And Blogs Restyled Home

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