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How to Create More Space using Floating Furniture?

I realize dealing with small spaces is a big topic with me, and by no means do I want to feel redundant, but honestly, NYC living is tricky. If you don’t have enough living space, you certainly don’t have enough storage space. So I found a way to fix both of these issues at once, Floating Furniture!

It may be hard to tell but that book shelf actually hovers over the floor, leaving room to comfortable plug in all your office electronics easily. And this type of illusion is not hard or expensive to install in your home. All you need is a good designer and a trusty contractor, something a good interior design always has on speed-dial.

Installing a floating bed gives you plenty of extra storage space. The trick is to hide the fact that you used this space which is why an over-sized duvet is perfect. If you don’t like the shabby chic look the duvet creates, add an extra long bed skirt. Anything to hide the plastic storage boxes you have hidden under there.

Have a small, awkward nook in your home you can’t seem to furnish, install a desk table, add a few chairs and walla! You made a working space the whole house-hold can use. the floating desk is easy because essentially its only one piece.

I have seen a lot of engineering miracles throughout my interior design years and this is one of them. This floating table allows you to store an entire pantry under it. And I am mystified with how long the table sticks out. Very cool!

Instead of floating furniture, try floating fixtures, like this sink! The extra room allows you to include some of those smaller pieces throughout your home. It also creates a trick of the eye illusion, how is it possible that sink works with such little space used?!?

I love how the light shines through the bamboo shelves and creates chaotic shadows beneath. This idea is perfect for your bathroom becuase it creates storage space for your towels and bathroom amenities that you need to grab quickly.

Foyer space is hard to find in any NYC apartment. Lots of times you end up resting your keys and knick-knacks across the kitchen table or chair. This floating parcel gives you a place to organize your things without taking too much space and finished off a very modern look.

Thought this was super creative and playful. The artist incorporated floating shelves along the painted branches to rest toys and children books. The end result is fun and whimsicle and of course, functional!

Have a small duplex? Floating the stairway will keep your apartment light and airy. It also helps light pass through the apartment.

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