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How To Decorate For NY’s Red Hot Rental Market?

This Sunday’s NYT’s Real Estate section gave tribute to  New York’s Rental Market stating,”the average rent in Manhattan surpassed the all-time high set in 2007.”  Even with such expensive rental averages, people from all over the world are looking for a place to call home amongst this iconic cement playground. Tenants are finding tricky ways to save by sharing smaller apartments or forfeiting a living room for a bedroom. But these sacrifices should not apply to the interior design of the space; rather authorize its importance.

With so many rental rules and landlord laws, its hard to turn your classic model apartment into something warm, comfortable and homy. With a designers eye, the small necessary touches to turn your cold white walls into something extraordinary can be attained. By covering your walls with knick-knacks you have collected over time makes this living room looked “lived-in.”

living room eclectic living room

This narrow space was transformed into a modern sophisticated living room by adding simple clean window treatments and standard furniture. By keeping your sofa and bed classic sizes, it is easy to create the similar look in your next rental when you choose to move. Note: the ‘floating’ furniture is smart in diving the room into sections and makes a great floor plan.

Lincoln Park Master Suite modern bedroom

Area rugs and art can instantly transform a bland box and give your apartment pleasant atmosphere. Not only do these adjustments add bright colors, they also have mobility. Things that you can take with you once you leave your rental are conducive for renters who tend to move more often.

ABC Dragoo eclectic living room

Typically, property owners do not allow renters to paint their apartments. Even in situation where you are allowed to paint, the room must be painted back which can be daunting. An easy fix is to paint just one accent wall. By painting the wall behind the bed, color is added to this all white room and it also takes the place of a headboard.

Stylish Apartment Living eclectic bedroom

Sleek is key with New York rentals. The designer here accented this barren room with a small but effective art installation against the longest wall. Simple sheer curtains finish the look while the clean lines of the coffee table and sofa make for a comfortable sitting area.

Brooklyn Apartment contemporary living room

Another view of the same room.

Brooklyn Apartment contemporary living room

Again, small painting projects are the way to go with rentals. This apartment in Greenwich Village brings the small built in shelves to life by painting the interior of the shelves a dark taupe.

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC eclectic living room

Simple clean and neutral curtains accent these large floor to ceiling windows, and can easily be used in many situations after your lease is done.

Central Park West Apartment modern living room

Dont ignore the hideous overhead lighting you find in most rented apartments. They cast a very unattractive stark lighting and makes any room uncomfortable. Simple, inexpensive lighting installations can be added. Put up a chandelier or any fixture that expresses your own style.

Stand By Light by Aqua Creations eclectic ceiling lighting
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