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How to Decorate using Ethnic Patterns?

While strolling through Mood Fabrics, it is hard not to LOVE every luxurious pattern that leaps out at you with bright colors and fashionable designs. Unfortunately, putting all these assorted fabrics in your home just creates a cluttered mess.  That is, unless, you find a pattern amongst the patterns. Ethnic and Tribal decorations is the perfect approach to bring these diverse designs together.

The wall tile in this Kitchen really brings out the dark navy cabinets and beautiful gold hardware. The detail in the tile repeat is endless while the rest of the room is simple both in color and set up. But, keep in mind the size of the wall you are decorating. The space relationship of this Kitchen is what makes such a crazed wall work.

apartamento residencial l vila olimpia eclectic kitchen

Here is a  Colonial Home decorated in beautiful Ikat fabrics. The Ikat material is a very ancient dyeing process that produces very iconic patterns. Love the warm lived in feel that comes from the orange palette and the artsy piece that hangs above the bed.

Antique wood details traditional bedroom

Found this eclectic curated look with the hodge-podge of mixed patterned pillows very interesting. When designing a room with ethnic colors and patterns, be sure to include accessories that match, such as the iron candle holder sitting on the coffee table and the hand woven rug it sits upon.

Sarah Greenman eclectic living room

This black and yellow private outdoor space really makes a statement with its abundance in unique accessories, complimenting colors and bright seasonal flowers and fauna. The bamboo shade is functional in making the space intimate and also keeps with the ethnic-tribal theme.

oceandesigner contemporary landscape

The tablescape here is supurb. Absolutely include animal prints with your ethnic patterns like the gray zebra book stacked on the bedside table. The warn finish on the mirrors frame fits with the “lived -in” look that ties everything together.

Domicile id contemporary bedroom

Safari Fusion is a brilliant way to incorporate your tribal quality. The hanging piece here is a Bamileke Feather Headdress, also known as a Juju hat. The fluffy feathered piece adds texture to your design while the bright blue and black beaded vases add authenticity to the room.

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