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How to decorate using Floating Shelves?

Clean, Sophisticated, and Minimal are three excellent words to describe Floating Shelves. These utilitarian pieces are perfect for a varity of reasons. Are you a noncommittal home-owner that loves to redesign often? Floating Shelves are easy to relocate and is another alternative to hanging photo galleries that are detrimental to your walls. Want to remove all the clutter from your table tops? These shelves turn your souvenirs and small framed photos into a beautifully arranged display. Is your space too small to store all your life’s possessions? Again, these floating shelves come in handy when you need to make extra space out of nothing. Here is array of examples where Floating Shelves is the best option.

Flaoting Shelves can be used as decoration or functionality.  This Kitchen uses think longer shelves as storage/display space. I love the open look to organize your glass-ware and plate-ware. And it has a very organic feel.

These longer floating shelves are also used in this home office. Used for decorative and functionality, these larger shelves really utilize the space you have to its best ability. Fill the shelf with office supplies or inspirational gadgets.

LOVE this decorative idea by installing the shelves much higher on the wall.  Struggling with storage space in NYC is all to real to those who live here, but it doesn’t always have to be such an upset. By placing floating shelves high up on your walls, it acts as a contemporary storage space for your things.

Again, the designer positioned these shelves higher up on the walls. This concept lets the home-owner add larger framed pictures into the room without puncturing your walls over and over again. Notice how painting the shelves the same color hides them a bit and really lets the pictures stand out.

This designer took the opposite approach in this San Francisco home by picking a color that really stands out and placing complimentary colored objects on top. Not only is this functional but it is very art deco, and Nautical! Another impression to note is the thickness of these shelves. Typically their thickness must be 2″ – 3″ thick in order to hide the bracket system. But of course you can customize them however you like.  Don’t forget to make sure they are properly secured so they do not sag off the wall!

The flexibility of the floating shelves is really what makes them so magical. Each shelf can be custom made to fit those more difficult spaces, take this bathroom for example. By installing floating shelves on the smaller wall, you are able to store hand towels and soaps within arms reach of the tub!

Step in up a notch with these state of the art floating shelves/ light fixtures. The florescence of the the bottom light really lets you display some of your favorite pieces in the house.

Found this kitchen installation of be mesmerizing. The designer used a super modern, yet organic approach with natural dark tones in the shelves paralleling the stone back-splash. Very cool.

This bedroom does not include Floating Shelves but sure is floating on the edge of spectacular. The idea of floating shelves really does open your mind up to endless possibilities.

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