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How to decorate your House to Help you De-Stress?

With the evening light wading earlier during day these cold winter months, staying home becomes more and more enjoyable. And after long NYC work days, there is nothing more necessary then downtime. But what many people don’t realize is how important your home’s decor is in relation to your ability to unwind. Coming home to a stale, chilly and unpersonalized space could be the reason you keep yawning during the day. So here are a few important tips to recharge and replenish in your home based on a some design aspects.

Color palate is very important when designing your home. Obviously, warm colors are best for the bedrooms throughout the house.  I absolutely loved the layers of deep burgundy colors and plaids laden across these twin beds.

Living plants add fresh oxygen to your home and remove toxins which is important for your home in these cold months when your windows are closed. Not only for good health but adding plants into your home adds nature to your life, a good way to let go of stress.

Pay attention to detail when styling rooms designed for relaxation. Of course, a great way to unwind during these cold November and December days is a hot bath and a great book. Let this experience fill up your evening by incorporating some cozy sitting area and vanity.

Create a haven for your senses with a fluffy rug, luscious textiles, warm colors and a great view. Even the smallest space in your home can inspire a great set up for a relaxing nook. I love how the large windows light up the room and as the day winds down the slow dimming of light really helps you prepare for sleep.

It’s important to separate your home office with the rest of the house. These magnificent french doors do a fantastic job dividing the two. Also make your office space YOU. Add style and personality to prevent creating a stale work environment.

Draping over-the-top fabric really adds luxury to your home and makes you want to take off your shoes and stroll around the house. Fabrics also provide insulation for your house and can hold warmth.

More drapes that provide a nice homey glow to your space. Instead of using harsh white’s use warm egg shells and taupe. These colors are great for your warm relaxing living space.

Replace your headboard with rich colored pleating drapes.

More elaborate, lavish curtains to add comfort into your home.

Last example, I promise, but I loved this sitting area! The curtains with the couch makes for the relaxation zone.

Surrounding yourself with life’s memories, travels, good books, family and friends portraits is what makes this small home soo cozy. Don’t worry about clutter as long as everything has a purpose, and that purpose bringing y0u positive physical and mental health.

Allow your painted walls to billow into the ceiling. The final look is intimate and pleasant.

This “Club Furniture” couch is exactly what your living room needs, and YOU need to come home to after a long days work. Curling up in this over-sized couch with a cup of tea and a new knitting project is my favorite kind of winter evening activity.

Neutral colors along with warm lighting is the perfect pair for your master bedroom. This room doesn’t have large windows to let in natural light so the designer made sure to incorporate warm low watt lights to the room.

A Book Nook! I realize this shape space is unrealistic and hard to find in your home but I LOVED the idea!

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