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How to Decorate your Kitchen Backspalsh?

The Newest layout for the home features an open floor plan between the Kitchen and the Living Room. With this grand space it is important to decorate so your beautiful home does not look like an empty one. Having little design components throughout the room make these large living spaces more comfortable. The backsplash in your kitchen is one of these elements that can add gusto to your design. It is these small design aspects that inspire this weeks blog.

The purpose of the backsplash is to protect the wall from water, grease, and grime, therefore tile is an excellent material to use. Its easy to clean and has lots of varieties. In this NYC Kitchen I designed, the bright orange tile compliments the space and adds a burst of color into the room.

Here is another project of mine. The color green accommodates the dark wood cabinetry. Larger, artsy tile is used just above the sink to add some fun to the room.

This subtle backsplash adds refinement and elegance. The texture of the tile continues up the wall to finish the look and creates an large accent wall to the kitchen.

Backsplash detail contemporary kitchen

Lifting the color tones off the counter tops by using a similar backsplash is an excellent way to design your kitchen. Love the monochromatic soft toned cabinets and counter tops.

Riverhouse contemporary kitchen

Be bold. The ornamental marble design, which is wax coated to keep it from tarnishing,  is effective in making your kitchen look distinctive.

Cherry Hills Remodel modern kitchen

Love the subway tile, and it gives the Kitchen a very industrial atmosphere while keeping a rustic or modern look to the home. Here the tile is layered in a brickwork fashion. Many varieties come with this type of tile.

East Side Eden traditional kitchen

Simple, Timeless. Using a wide grout with small subway tiles add a authentic look to this Kitchen’s backsplash.

Ashbury modern kitchen

Many projects that I design are new homes which give me endless possibilities. This modern house was designed using windows to make up the backsplash.  This concept brings in light and uses the beautiful, always changing outside scenery into the Kitchen.

White Laquer and Dark Oak Kitchen modern kitchen

Installing mosaic tiled backsplashes is a delightful way to add something extra to your Kitchen. You can create a custom design or used a stenciled one. This Connecticut project of mine incorporated the same blue mandarin china in the backsplash as well as items around the room.

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