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How to Decorate your new Fireplace?

The fusion of functionality and art is what vindicates my love for interior design and the limitless design options for your fireplace is a perfect example of this merger. Having spent years designing homes in the Tri-state area, I have found some key design tips to make a focal point out of your fireplace. I realize now is a bizarre time to reconsider redesigning the hearth but with several months of planning and rebuilding, you will have a dazzling masterpiece to enjoy this winter season.

Through my years of experience designing homes in NYC, it is clear how impossible a traditional wood-burning fireplace can be.  That is why EcoSmart Fireplaces are perfect for adding glamor to you home. They use a Bio-ethanol, a renewable energy source for each of their units. This clean emission allows for their fireplaces to be added anywhere in your home without expensive and invasive rebuilding. Below are a few examples of these EcoSmart projects.

Cement is an excellent material to use to spotlight your fireplace. It has a very natural masculine look and will bring your style to the next level. As mentioned before, this is a bio-ethanol project.

kris modern living room

Minimalism can create some of the most spectacular focal points. This contemporary living space is seamless in its design, finished off with twin cushioned ottomans for enjoying the warmth.

Cary Bernstein Architect Choy 1 Residence modern living room

Take advantage of a your space by using an irregular shape for your fireplace. Here, the designer built an extra wide fireplace which inevitably amplifies the warmth and eye-catching focal point.

Huntington Beach contemporary bedroom

Or here….notice the interesting textured wall that accents the fireplace. The stone finish glows when the fireplace is lit.

E Bar contemporary media room

Be creative when designing your hearth. Try something a-symmetrical, like you find here in this eclectic living room.

custom fireplace contemporary family room

This clean modern fireplace is a beautiful addition to any room whether its your bedroom or the master bath. Don’t bother with a mantel or hearth. Small white stones finish off this sleek look.

Living Room modern living room

Design your fireplace to be three-dimensional so that you can enjoy it from multiple rooms. By installing such a unique fireplace aside these floor to ceiling windows gives the space a bonfire like atmosphere.

Magnifico Residence contemporary living room

Now that we are in the warmer months, a great way to keep your fireplace engaging is to fill it with interesting objects. Organic spheres were added to this rectangle fireplace for contrast.  One could add some free-standing candles for a romantic feel.

Spring Mantle eclectic living room
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