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How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space?

In the Heart of New York City lies one of the most beautiful green havens, Central Park. New Yorkers venture out of their tightly crammed apartments to find peace and solitude with long walks in this manicured garden. What many don’t realize it that this slice of nature can be brought home by decorating your patio or balcony. It doesn’t need to be a penthouse rooftop, it can be as limited as your 3′ x 7 ‘ terrace or the stoop outside your front door to create this organic space. It’s this early spring time weather and my recent walks through Central Park that have inspired this weeks blog.

This modern large outdoor patio is a perfect setting for those hot summer days and nights in NYC. Here, the designer created a shady space by weaving yards of outdoor fabric, like Sunbrella. With colorful accent pillows to finish off the look, this outdoor space is fun, refreshing and easy to clean.

Warm colors are an essential design element when perfecting an outdoor look. The modern straight line of these sofas highlight the vertical stretch of the foliage, which also creates some insulation and privacy. Adding plants bring a natural ambiance to any room and depending on the plants you choose can also add a fresh fragrant smell.

I like to treat these outdoor spaces much like I like to decorate my indoor spaces: Soft cushioned sofas, a accessorized coffee table and a thick rope rug which is resistant to the weather.

This outside seating area is fabulously inviting due considerably to the magnitude of the sofa. With a large collection of pillows and some romantic large candles, this outside space acts like an extension of any living room.

These over the top ceramic pots give this porch a very western quality. Large cactus or warm weathered plants are great ornamental pieces because they do not need much care. With a little water and a lot of light, these plants can live very long lives.

Hip, Chic, Colorful, this contemporary terrace incorporates the new spring trend by adding splashes of neon colors to a soft white palette.

Love this piece and the color palette. Having a space for your guests to rest and enjoy a glass of wine is what entices you to use the outdoor space you have. Here, a cement top steel table gives you room to entertain with hor d’oeuvrves and fresh lemonade.

It may be the end of February, but Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate then to decorate your outdoor space for future enjoyment.

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