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how to design a midcentury modern bathroom?

Midcentury modern is at its most popular since the 1960’s. Minimalist decor that showcase organic materials, bold patters, geometric accents, and oranges, yellows, and greens are all central to the style. When renovating a bathroom, or any room of your house, you can add accents of midcentury modern style or go all out. Either way, you want your home to feel like it’s in the 21st–not the 20th–century. In this post we’ll give you tips for bringing this playful and elegant style into your bathroom.

Showcasing wood is a great way to bring a midcentury modern feel to your bathroom. Pick a wood with a prominent grain for your cabinets, mirrors, bathtub, ceiling, or panels.

Doors that are flush with cabinets are a signature of the style and enhance the sleek lines that make midcentury modern design so elegant.

Keep surfaces simple–matted countertops and flat tiles enhance the midcentury modern look.

Bold patterns are often used in the style. In a bathroom, a patterned wallpaper is striking against simple cabinets. Here the designer chose a fun flowery pattern, which makes the space playful. For a more refined look, go with a geometric wallpaper.

Though we may not want to embrace all aspects of this 1960’s style, beautiful craftsmanship is one that is timeless. The delicately constructed wood shades in this bathroom add a midcentury modern feel to this space without overwhelming the decor.

A simple geometric piece is another great way to get a midcentury modern feel. These circular, wire suspended mirrors are a contemporary choice.

A classic midcentury modern spherical lantern can add a feeling of romanticism to your bathroom. Flea markets are a great place to find vintage lighting gems.

A pop of color against an otherwise neutral color scheme brings a midcentury modern aesthetic to your bathroom in a playful way.

For subdued look, pick a subtle color pop, such as the burnt orange tiles used in this shower, which tie in the tangerine so key to the midcentury modern style.

When you choose to go with a midcentury modern aesthetic you have permission to be bold–add a statement art piece, whether it is geometric, sequined, or has a more contemporary feel, such as the piece in this bathroom.

Showcase your high quality fixtures and cabinets with white walls.

Contrast angular and more organic pieces.

Midcentury modern design can fuse seamlessly with other aesthetics. The flush wood cabinets updated with jade green countertops create a bathroom that is both contemporary and midcentury modern.

Here modern style is seamlessly combined with midcentury modern. The glass shower doors add to the look by making the bathroom feel more spacious, as do the clean straightforward hardware.

The iconic cabinetry gives this bathroom its vintage feel while the white wood ceiling evokes a country style.

As long as you stick to quality pieces, you can add a little midcentury modern flair to any bathroom!

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