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How to Design with Asian Influence

Peaceful, Relaxing, and Serene is the best way to describe the ambiance that Asian elements give to your home. Their culture carries a rich philosophy dedicated to Zen and they are obedient to the rules of Feng Shui. You can see this dedication to harmony and nature with restful colors, soft lighting, symmetry, natural elements, and furniture placement. Here are few designs I found online and projects of my own that exhibit these Asian influences.

Love the clean and unique look of this Japanese screen staircase and LED floor lighting. The hardwood screen is bold and sleek while the lights add a softness to the room.

Wood Staircase asian staircase

The small ‘pebbled” tiles used around the mirror and flowing into the shower give hints of nature to this modern Japanese Bath. The sense of relaxation continues into the vanity with the vessel sink along with the blonde wood plank bench seating and floor. Finish the look with a bonsai tree or orchid, very Feng Shui.

Japanese Modern asian bathroom

This bedroom indulges in the Feng Shui tradition with the position of the bed against a solid wall which imparts a feeling of safety and security. The large art piece that hangs above the bed is also very Feng Shui as well, bringing in positive energy and enjoyment. Love bubble pendant and the color of the accent wall.

Bedroom asian bedroom

Beautiful earth tones are used in this Asian inspired master bathroom. Adding hints of nature is very popular in oriental cultures and can be recognized in the rock sink and waterfall installation in the back of the bathroom.

Downtown penthouse asian bathroom

This spa bathroom is fitted with an amazing deep stone Japanese bathtub and sauna for a perfect relaxation retreat. You can see the distinct elements associated with Asian decor with the river rock decorative along the wall and the simplicity of accessories.

Personal Oasis asian bathroom

Here the designer fused the office and the meditation room together. The Meditation room is very important in the Asian culture. The built-in shelving with the contrast of dark and light stains on the wood create an exotic platform to display your Feng Shui accessories and Buddha Statue.

Arnold Schulman asian home office

Japanese Cherry Blossoms decorate this tiled bathroom in Connecticut. I hired a gentleman to come paint the mural art after installing the tiles which gave it a very personal touch.

Again with the reference to nature and sleek lines. I see these bamboo plants and think of the Japanese forest.

Symmetry is a strong element in Asian design and is displayed beautifully in this Master Bedroom I designed in Connecticut. The purpose of this feature is to create balance throughout the room.

Chinoiserie is French for “Chinese-esque,” and represents a very popular Oriental style furniture that emerged in France. The vessel sink sits atop this one-of-a-kind piece that is decorated with detailed scenes painted on dark lacquer-like wood.

Bridge Design Studio asian bathroom
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