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how to design with upholstered walls?

Upholstered walls are trending right now, and it’s easy to understand why. Aside from the glam look they add to any room–regardless of style–they are also utilitarian. Check out our post to get some upholstered wall inspiration!

The first upholstered walls appeared in 15th century Europe–designers have used them ever since to added softness and elegance to homes.

Upholstered walls help muffle the sounds of cars and people that keep you up and wake you up. The diamond tufting in this bedroom adds romance.

If you want to add sconces to your space, but haven’t hardwired them in, use upholstered walls to hide the wires! Here our own design with large rectangular grey panels creates a contemporary look.

Don’t have a style bed frame? Add upholstered panels to the wall behind your bed to create a dramatic headboard and a comfy place to lean.

If you have unsightly brick or wood paneled walls, but aren’t ready to call a contractor, use upholstery as an elegant cover up.

Upholstered walls warm up a room without adding clutter–a great solution if your contemporary living room feels cold.

Have a bench in your home, but don’t like to sit there because all there is to rest on is a hard wall? Add an upholstered wall!

Bring a splash of pattern to your room by upholstering your wall with a fun fabric.

In a dining room, upholstered walls add a feeling of intimacy to dinner parties.

Like to watch movies or party late into the night while the rest of your family and neighbors are trying to sleep? Upholster your media room to prevent sound from escaping and to improve acoustics.

You don’t have to go all the way! To get the effect without upholstering your entire room, just add upholstery to the wall directly behind your TV!

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