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How to Design with Wall Art

Making your house a comfortable living space is important. All too often we loose sight of this in our busy schedules but redesigning your space to make it more “you” can be fun and easy. Look around the room and notice what sticks out the most. What do you like about the room? What colors pop out? Is there a clear feature wall for you to transform into your personal art collection? By covering a room with art that expresses yourself is a great way to freshen up your home!

Deciding on a theme for your wall art shouldn’t contradict the obvious nature of the room, e.g. kid’s art in the kid’s room or sultry art in the master bath. And your options are endless.  Maybe moving around some furniture will open up the room and bring attention to a wall you may have overlooked.

This flirtatious art is arranged by just resting upon two twin floating wall shelves. The look is easy to achieve once the shelves are installed and the pieces of art can be rearranged as you collect your works.

Here the designer wrapped small canvases in wrapping paper to add to this playful collage-like arrangement.

Its important to understand the balance in minimal and clutter. This wall art features tones of brown and taupe that match the sofa. Text art is also a wonderful way to bring warmth in your home. Find your favorite poet or lyrics adds a bit more “you” into the room.

Architecture Art fills this wall and room with a cozy lived-in feel. The over sized couch covers up some of the pieces making it look as though the images go way beyond the room.

Filling up this space with family photos and track lighting is all this modern family room needs to make it intimate.

Splitting up with collage wall arrangements can enlarge a room as seen in this simplistic dining room. The use of different color and shape frames is illustrated here nicely without being overwhelming.

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