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How to design your home using Recessed Lighting?

A major dilemma these days is that many home-owners overlook the importance of lighting in their home. They spend their time, and money, on fixing up a space and are disappointed with the results because of poor lighting. But the fact is, lighting is one of the, if not the MOST, important aspect in your design. I mean, God did create the Sun on the first day.  And poor lighting is easy to come by whether it’s too little light, too much, or just wrong all together, like evil florescent lighting, as a designer you must be careful when installing the rooms brilliance.

Which is why there is all this hype over recessed lighting. But what is it? Recessed lighting is installed within the ceiling rather than on the ceiling’s surface. There are several different varieties such as Downlight’s which provide light straight downward and Eyeball-Style fixtures which pivot in their ‘housing.’

I found these examples of recessed lighting from Element by Light Tech, a company based out of Illinois with a reputation for timeless designs. Here is an example of Downlight recessed lighting, excellent for Kitchens, hallways and other areas where a more general light is needed.

Most recessed lighting was used as focal point light but now designers are taking advantage of this and using it for large spaces. The benefit to recessed lighting is not only does it create a clean sleek look, but you can also control each individual light, install them on a dimmer and have more control. Your home transforms into a cozy space by dimming the living room for warmth and brightening the kitchen when cooking.

Here is an example of how recessed lighting creates a very clean, contemporary and minimalist interior. The designer not only used this type of lighting to brighten the main area of the kitchen but also used eyeball-style lights at the right to focus on the floating glass shelves and the decroative pieces displayed on them.

I love how versatile recessed lighting can be. This designer created a space where the lighting would be directed upwards and create a controlled light boarder around the ceiling. Very contemporary and very cool.

Recessed lighting, although a modern feature, is suited for all styles. Take this white ultra polished white large living space equipped with two seating areas and a bar. Here the designer used Downlight recessed lighting to add to its super clean look.

And here you have the same lighting, a bit smaller in size, in a more timeless all wood cabin-like finish. The recessed lighting fits well with the warmth of the wood, especially with a dimmer for the later hours of the evening.

I couldn’t get enough of this ceiling lighting design. What a challenge it must have been to conceptualize and then construct but the end result is fantastic. A masterpiece in design.

Here you can see how recessed lighting creates the best results for rooms of all purposes. Fact, this home theater is spectacular. I love the dark wood beams with the vertical lighting stretching up the parallel walls, very “movie-theater-esk.” But the recessed lighting really makes this room work because of its sleek look and your added ability of control. Very cool.

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