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How to get ready for the Summer Season?

While walking my two lovely dogs, Casey and Nola, I noticed the trees down Lexington have bloomed and are now shading the streets with luscious green leaves. Yes, Spring is here and now is the time to start focusing your home design with warm-weather inspirations. Whether you have a home with a large outdoor space or a small NYC apartment and a fire escape, nows the time to make the most of the sunshine. Here are some tips in transforming your space into a summer-soaked home.

Use bright, bold and cheerful colors when designing your space. Here, the style mimics the red brick color in the hanging bed with the clay roof tiles you find in tropical hot-spots.

Tower Escape tropical patio

Spruce up your porch with plants and patio furniture. A wicker set is perfect for outdoors and has a very traditional look. Hanging plants turn your patio space into a garden. Notice the sliding gate, very chic.

A GARDEN THAT TELLS A STORY traditional porch

You dont need a lot of outdoor space to enjoy the sunlight. This small balcony is a perfect example of how to appreciate the fresh air with just a few signature pieces. A small colorful outdoor rug, an exotic vintage chair, and some waterproof pillows makes this space inviting. Add a sheer neutral toned curtain for some privacy.

Outdoor reading balcony eclectic porch

With the warmer weather upon us, its a nice touch to change your bed linens to cool light tones for a beach cottage look. This Cape Cod bedroom uses bright whites on the walls and furniture to clean and freshen up the room.  The nightstand holds an old Cape-related book, a fun idea for your home.

The Little House on Cape Cod traditional bedroom

“Summerizing” your home may be just what your space needs to reclaim life.  The mint color on the accent wall is a beautiful touch with the amount of natural light that comes in through the floor to ceiling window. The idea is bringing outdoor colors inside as you can see in the paintings hanging on the wall and tree motif on the duvet.

Bedroom Retreat modern bedroom

Energy, time, and space are all necessities for a summer garden but there are still plenty of easy and beautiful ways to merge plants into your life. This room proves how container gardens revolutionize the room. All you need to do is find large pots or vases and fill them with your favorite fauna.

Gallery Loft modern patio

Seagrass or sisal carpet is a quick way to turn this modern home into a summer beach getaway. The best part of this tip is its practicality for the whole year. Other benefits of sisal is its extreme durability, its ability to absorb sound and although it may seem rough to the touch, it holds a natural warm cozy temperature.

Guest Room eclectic bedroom
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