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How to Incorporate the New Trends of 2012?

Now that 2012 is upon us, we see some trends continuing but other ones standing out in the crowd. The continued use of mid-century modern has yielded to a very clean, modular sense of balance. Woods are lighter in tone after several years of dark wedge dominating. We still see a lot of white everywhere which again lends itself to the feeling of openness being achieved today in interior design. This lighter palette adds to a sense of mobility. As the use of smartphones, iPads and laptops cleared the way at the end of 2011, furniture is becoming more mobile. You may want to eat in different parts of your home or apartment. This type of furniture allows you to do so.

Creating an all white kitchen gives you that same sense of mobility and freedom that these two simple floor lamps do.  This is a freestanding kitchen that can be created within the walls of your abode.

The next exact opposite them is color.  Picture yourself in the midst of a tropical rainforest or viewing a rainbow after a warm summer shower.  Incorporate that into your living space.

Tufting as seen in the last years in headboards has expanded to furniture.  Most appear in the classic form but used in a contemporary setting.  But, you still have the option to create a new style of furniture.  The look is chic for sure.

Daybeds are the answer.  With apartments trying to utilize every square inch of space but trying to keep the space clean and open, they have become a great motility for use as a sofa and a night as a sleep solution.

Recycled and Reclaimed will become more and more apparent in kitchens/baths and furniture.  The use of  metals, glass and wood find themselves as new countertops, tabletops and tiles.  What will they think of next?

Duvets are a thing of the past.  Enter beautiful sheets, blankets and throws.  Make that bed look divine with the use of a great coverlet.  Washable is not always the desireable.

Pebble colors are appearing in upholstery along with folded, cascading and molded treatments.

And course animal prints which are omnipresent.  Adding to zebras you will find many others from the “Cat” family.

Ring in the Ne Year with a new room and a new expression.  Here are just some ideas that may affect your next project.  Feel free to call upon Holzman Interiors to make your goals a reality.

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