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How to Jazz Up your space using Ceiling Detail?

When perfecting your home decor, you take plenty of time choosing the right furniture, perfecting the accessories and matching your colors. This weeks blog is inspired by the accent wall that seems to go unnoticed: The Ceiling! Also known as the 5th wall, very few realize how a jazzed up ceiling can expand your design and make your home unique. Whether your adding dark tones to make the room more cozy, or building large architectural beams for a power-house effect, ceiling decor, with all its options, is the new craze.

Designing a sophisticated yet lived-in feel looks easy with this mature child’s nursery. Here, a beautiful shade of brown patterned wallpaper wraps the ceiling and gives comfort into the room. With hints of charm in the drum chandelier and zebra rug, this room defines eclectic elegance.

historic renovation eclectic kids

This custom plaster tracery ceiling design was created to keep up with the vintage details from the original property. The curvilinear furniture is reinforced the line of the ceiling.  It is a modern take on the ornamental ceiling frieze that has been a tradition in architecture for hundreds of years and linked back to the French.

Salon with Custom Plaster Ceiling traditional living room

Large architectural features like this coffered ceiling make a authoritative impression on your guests in this refined dining room. The large beams are detailed with crown molding on all sides to hide the seams. This is a very classic look.

Dining Room Re-Design in Edmonton, AB for Magazine Photo Shoot traditional dining room

Give your room an organic feel with exposed wall joints or Japanese wood screens. Not only does the modern sleek lines of the piece add length to the room but its also creates an interesting separation from the kitchen and the kitchen table.

Bent/Sliced House modern dining room

Wow. This slanted ceiling design with wood trusses and paneling is breath-taking. The mirrored effect with the window shape and wood beams is intelligent and creates a spectacular effect. This conceptual design is an elaboration of your traditional ski-lodge or barn, a very sophisticated barn that is.

Robinsons Bay Residence traditional living room

Painting your ceiling with a sky motif is a technique that goes back to the late 1800’s Italian villa homes. The washy blue tones look marvelous next to the brass chandelier and dark brown walls. Not only that, its an easy weekend project.

powder room sky ceiling and metallic texture walls traditional powder room

I cant help but LOVE this A-symmetrical ceiling. The contract between the modern white wash and traditional country paneled ceiling is amazing. And its hard to not realize how Feng Shui, which we learned about in last weeks blog, this room feels.

Gorgeous bedrooms by Europeo contemporary bedroom
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