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How to make the Room using Doors?

The door! What an underestimated focal point of your home. There are so many opportunities to wow your guests and yourself around the house by spicing up these entrance ways. Here are a few examples of beautiful doors around the world.

Holy Grand Entrance. This front door is spectacular with its decorative frieze and windows. Not only is it ornamental but its also over-sized. What a great way to enter your home!

I love the beautiful shape of this unusual Dutch entrance way. The light fixtures are excellent and positioned higher to create a very powerful feel. Very cool.

Shape is key in this traditional patio entrance way.

Here is a foyer door I added to a Chicago Home last year. The door is a nice detail to the downstairs living room.

I have noticed a increasing interest in the simple industrial look and thought whats more simple and industrial then a barn door. Paint the door a bright color and it creates a pleasant contrast between feminine and rustic.

Old doors meets new sliding technology. These doors tuck away into the wall to allow an open floor plan but also can creates an intimate setting by closing off this large opening.

Great wood stain on this double door. Very Southern.

These stacking doors hide away to the side by folding up nice and compact. Its smooth track system is well made and phenomenal for large areas such as patios, sunrooms, swimming pool enclosures and any other indoor/outdoor spaces. And what a great view it creates in the room.

Turn your door into a canvas by painting the door with a beautiful image or a lovely quote. What a fun weekend project to do with your friends and family.

Here is another example of a door to bring out your creative side. This door was painted with some Chalkboard paint you can find at any home depot or hardware store. Here is a link:,default,pd.html……The kids will love this and keep them off your white walls.

Another fun idea for the kids room….a secret passageway. I love this idea not only because the room behind the door is mysterious and special but the door is also a shelf. Talk about multipurpose! Think of how fun and functional this idea would be in the kitchen!

Here the designer went about hiding the door by painting it to blend with the walls. The large thick stripes gives the bathroom a fun clean and cheerful look!

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