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How to Make your Laundry Room Multipurpose?

Keeping up a clean home can be difficult, especially with children, pets, craft projects, and, well, husbands. All the laundry, and hiking boots, the scraps from school projects and pet necessities need a place in your space without disrupting the warmth and relaxation of your home.  Here are a few examples of homeowners making the best of these small spaces.

Home office meets laundry room. The separation of the two counter top’s by height lets you stand at one end and gives you a comfortable counter to sit and do your work. Or maybe include a sewing machine! The large windows over the desk brightens the space and lets you forget about the chores such a room features.

This laundry room doubles up as a wrapping/craft room. The monochromatic theme acts as a blank canvas for your creative side. Notice the subway tile used around the back-splash, very cool.

Take a look at this French inspired garden room. When designing your laundry room, don’t settle for standard. Think about what you love to do in your free time. If it’s not sewing or crafting, maybe its designing your outdoor haven. This is YOUR home, make it personal.

Holy Multipurpose. This mudroom/craft-room/home-office/laundry room exhibits organization integrity at its best. The bench sitting area uses the space perfectly with coat hooks above and a decorative/storage shelf beyond that! Magnificent!

Efficiency is terribly important when it comes to your mudroom, unless you want the rest of your home covered in outside whatchamacallit. This organized unit acts as a mudroom, storage, and divider between the laundry room and rest of the house.

Sleek, white and beautiful. I fell in love with this clean, crisp laundry room found on Not only dos the room make a beautiful space but look at all that storage! Note: This would be perfect for a NYC apartment.

The ironing board, one of the eternal home design dilemma’s. Hiding such an essential yet awkward object in the wall is an excellent way to have it at your finger tips when you need it and forget about it when you don’t.

Add bright colors to your laundry room to avoid the drab disposition of the space.  Carrera marble counter tops embodies elegance while the lime green adds a burst of energy. Notice the over-the-top soaking sink adjacent to the washer/dryer units. Very functional and necessary and what a great place to incorporate it.

Dealing with your pets litter is truly a labor of love, not only because of the cleaning but also in its concealment. Designing a secret entrance to a built-in kitty box avoids its awkward inclusion to your home and prevents the odors to spread throughout the house. And what better place to keep it out of view from your guests and everyday life other then the laundry room!

Get rid of the ugly packaging and store your detergents in something more visually pleasing like these decroative glass vases!

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