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How to maximize your bedroom storage?

Being an Interior Design, I ashamed to talk about what happened to me last week, but its something I think would be beneficial to share.  While pulling out my winter wardrobe and comforter, I created an avalanche.  Boxes filled with collected knick-knacks, books, photo albums, pillows, blankets, keep-sakes, unimaginable amounts of forgotten here’s and there’s came pouring out of the closet and all over my bedroom. And there I stood, a self-proclaimed neat freak, amongst piles and piles of ‘stuff.’ And as I sifted through the wreckage I realized I couldn’t part with anything that lay about the floor and at the same time I couldn’t imagine boxing it all up again and hiding it back into the closet. I needed to find a solution but its nearly impossible coming up with storage space in NYC. So I put my mind into thinking up a few innovated ways to ‘unclutter’ your apartment and life.

The trick is to be honest when it comes to your keep-sakes. Many of us have trouble acknowledging our inner hoarder. We hold onto thing we hope our children’s children will use, or something that fit over 20 years ago. We keep articles we love to read, coffee mugs from our travels, and even dried flowers given to us ages ago from someone we don’t even speak to. These things need to be discarded in order to display your things in a neat and visually pleasing manner.

I love this open storage space because it forces us to let go of useless things and give importance to what matters. Mix your shelves with things you like to look at and things you like to use daily. These built-in shelves frame the bed with levels easy to reach for day to day use and then much higher shelves for pictures and collectables. I like how the space above the bed is left clear, it has a very Feng Shui look.

Don’t be afraid to go overboard. I love how the designer used the entire wall behind the bed as a bookshelf creating a very cozy cottage-like look. These built-in shelves seem to organize the chaotic look of all the books, very cool idea.

Instead of building the shelves into the room, you can also buy free-standing units for your apartment. Cubby’s are perfect for your kids or craft room. The unit is deep so lots of things can be stored with custom fit baskets at the bottom for all types of toys and knick-knacks.

If you like a clean simple look to your bedroom, install a storage unit you can hide with sliding track screens and modern hardware. The built-in television system is excellent and works well with the decorative linear paneling used throughout.

This bedroom/home office really uses all the space given. The bed actually folds into the wall with over-head shelves. To the right of the bed, a long desk stretches out wall to wall with the final wall covered with floor to ceiling build-in shelves.

More over-head shelves here with a adorable rustic wood ladder to help you reach. The bedroom has a tree-house look and is perfect for your child regardless of gender. I think its important to close some of your storage space with paneled doors to hind the clutter while keeping some space open.

Here is another example of over-head storage but clearly out of reach. I love this look for any room, although it is perfect for kids rooms with all those toys and games. I think this look could be pulled off in your living room with pictures, your bedroom with out-of-season clothing and in the bathroom with your towels and products.

This super modern piece is great for things you won’t use often but need relatively accessible. When living in a small space, its important to have every piece of furniture count with storage space under the bed is a great tip. This magnificent piece uses no exterior hardware, the shelves slide far under the bed so the bed actually looks as if it’s floating.

Keeping things under the bed doesn’t need to be so conventional. This East Village apartment owner wanted this apartment to push the limits and thats exactly what this lofted bed does; leaving the room with plenty of storage and space. The stairs provide individual drawer space with the main loft space acting as a walk in closet. I love with sleek look of the wood paneling, as we elaborated on last week, and the cozy nook it turns the bed into.

Another example of lower storage space made by setting your bed up on a pedestal. The drawers can be deep for that extra bit of storage you need for long-term items. I also like how the shelves have been painted to stand out instead of tucked away to be ignored.

Here is an excellent solution if your apartment doesn’t allow you to build in storage units about the perimeter of the room. This custom made space divider adds LOTS of extra storage to your home and transforms the walk-in closet into a nursery or guest room. I appreciate the space left above the divider, it allows natural light to pour in the bedroom and also makes the living space intimate.

Here is another example of a free-standing storage space that also divides the room and creates a privacy in this high-ceiling, industrial like space.

Here’s a cute way to conceal your clutter. These storage ottomans can be easily upholstered in the fabric you choose to fit any room around the house. If you don’t like the shape or look of these specific pieces, you can find a dozen looks to fit your style.

Although this may be an idea off the beaten path, I though it was so clever I had to include it. This is a Murphy Bed and it actually folds up into the wall for that extra EXTRA space you need.  Perfect for guest rooms, you can install this type of bed in any room. The bed stays concealed and private.

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