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How to stylaize your Television?

There are several design dilemma’s an interior designer must work around and the chunky unattractive Television is certainly one of them. Even with such great strides on technology, it is still hard to find a home for your entertainment center and keep it clean and sleek looking. For years designers and cabinet-makers both have been coming up with solutions to hide the TV, some have worked and some have not. It is this placement predicament that has inspired this week’s blog.

Finding a custom furniture designer is easy to do, the trick is to find one that makes high-quality pieces at affordable costs and listens to your wants and needs with good intent. That’s why it always helps to work with an interior designer who has formed this particular relationships over years of experience. This one of a kind piece is an example of just that. He is a craftsman that listens to the home-owner and can create something functional that accents the rest of the room. I love how the sliding doors uncover shelf shape perfect for accessories to the room.

Instead of a free-standing space, this designer hides the flat screen by installing tracks at the top and sliding a two-piece artistic landscape.  The piece gives the impression of a second window even.

Another example of hiding the TV behind artwork is in this room.  It  has a very family friendly feel with the DIY leaf-motif hanging in front of the flat-screen.  The break in the stone fireplace keeps the television tucked far enough back where one would not even notice once the sliding panels are closed.

With so many advancements in technology, television sets are becoming sleeker, thinner and quite a conversation piece. This looks like another colorful artistic canvas for your TV but this actually is a bold moving image that adds whimsy to your living room. Makes your think twice about that expensive and time-consuming fish tank.

Here is a clever trick. The room obviously did not have the space to just tuck the television behind a sliding door or cabinet so the designer installed the TV on a articulating arm to utilize the space better. This is perfect for those tiny NYC apartments where every inch counts.

Masking the TV behind art work is one thing, making the entire unit disappear is another. I love how the natural wood panels line together to make a sleek looking fireplace.

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