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How to Turn a Small Space into a Sleep Santuary

Extending on the idea of small new york spaces, here are some examples of rooms that have been carved out of small areas. The spaces are comforting, homey and can be mimicked with small inexpensive adjustments.

This loft-like space is made over a children’s office. The use of blue Christmas lights illuminates the space above and gives off a sort of midnight under the starts feel.

It’s just a daybed but clever how it’s crafted out of the family library. The use of unique wallpaper really separates the space from the rest of the room and generates a very cozy atmosphere.

This alcove bed is created with draping fabric and molding around the edge of the wall. The use of pictures hanging inside makes the bed almost feel like it’s very own room. It’s personal and inviting.

Much like the other image, this bed is expressive, with the use of paneling and shelves are included to store your favorite books or pictures of family. They even included a potted plant! The stained glass inside the area makes it more private and I’m sure illuminates the room beautifully when the sun shines through it.

This bed is actually hidden in what looks to be an armoire. Awesome paneling and lights inside create a room within a room!

These ideas can be useful when designing a bedroom in such small NYC apartments….

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