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How to turn your Apartment into Bachelor Pad.

The New York Times recently focused an article on the dire need of designers for recently divorced bachelors. Men who have spent many years following a very structured living situation now are on their own and need to create a new home for themselves and in some circumstances, children. Coming out of something as dramatic as divorce, its nice to find solitude and friendly advice from someone committed on making your life easier, and more independently chic. Its this new breed of comfort seeking men that as inspired this weeks blog.

Its easy to assume most recently single men just don’t have time or patience to decorate their new ‘pad.’ Empty walls parallel empty rooms. This dreary status may be depressing to some but to a designer its like a blank canvas, with endless ideas to choose from.  Recently, I just finished this project in New York City.

Located in the heart of NYC, this updated modern bachelor pad keeps a distinct masculine edge while combing bursts of color and personality. Simple clean lines lets the home-owner make adjustments as the space is lived in. The large flat screen, an obvious must-have with these men.

This stainless steel kitchen is perfect for the busy man. There is not much room to work with in New York City, so the idea is to make the most of the space you have. Cooking a big meal isn’t going to happen very often but in case the situation arise, the option is there. Bar-stools, another must-have in these posh apartments.

Urban Loft contemporary kitchen

contemporary kitchen design by other metros architect estudio gutman lehrer

Low-maintenance is key in design. Making the apartment easy to clean is possible by eliminating clutter. The sofa and coffee table peak a modern interest with men as well as give the look of neatness.

modern living room design by san francisco interior designer Niche Interiors

The trick is to create a sexy environment, while staying far away from any Hefner-like bachelor pad. This Bedroom/Bathroom keeps nothing to the imagination. Clear glass separating the two rooms illustrates the common request for something sultry.

contemporary bedroom design by photographer Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Animal prints in this sleek living room area are perfect for the new single man, (maybe not single dad.) These delicate pieces add a sense of adventure to any room! And an common WANT from many recently divorced men.

Pacific Heights Residence modern media room

modern media room design by san francisco interior designer Nicole Hollis

A two-floor lofted view of the city screams excitement. Who wouldn’t love to cozy up with a night-cap in this beautiful space.

modern living room design by new york interior designer Marie Burgos Design

Most obvious requests: Bar, Pool Table, and Large-screen TV. The ultimate dorm-room.

contemporary media room design by dc metro design-build Synergy Design & Construction, Inc.

Sometimes, all an empty apartment needs is some art on the walls. Nothing too Picasso. Try something avant garde.

eclectic living room design

This over-the-top headboard screams masculinity, and for the new leading ladies, it also represents a sense of protection. The bed is very important with these new homes. For the first time in a long time, they get to have their OWN bed.

contemporary bedroom design by other metros interior designer Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Divorce is a very emotional experience in peoples lives. When its all said and done, its nice to have a comfortable, clean and organized place to call your own.

modern bedroom design by other metros interior designer Sergey

Heres the link to the NYT article: In Dire Need to Design. 

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