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How to turn your Attic into a Functional Space?

One of the greatest ways to increase the value of your home is to make the best out of the space you have. This includes that dark and dusty attic you use for storage. The fact that you have potential square footage right over your head should be incentive alone. These spaces can be carefully crafted into multiple uses, even if the space is awkward and small. Here are a few great examples of how these home-owners sprang into spring cleaning early and turned storage space into a beautiful space.

I finished the Connecticut home a few months ago. The attic had some what of a low ceiling which posed no problem to these yoga lovers. We included some Fung Shui pieces that spoke to the home-owners religious background and created a very Zen attic living space.

Here is another view, and much better quality.

Many attic spaces are much smaller then the floor below it, especially in older homes. Even with the lack of space you can create something necessary in your home such as a guest room/reading nook. The designer made it an easy project by insulating the room between the original support beams and adding a hardwood floor.

Loved the design of this lofted attic space. If you see potential to open the attic up into the floor below it, go for it. The open space brings in such great light to your home.

One of the most valued qualities of the attic space is quiet; something all parents need when raising a household. So if you are dying for a little peace and quite, adjust the space to be fitted for your Master bedroom.

Don’t have the height to turn your attic into an adult space? Slanted ceilings are not such an obstacle for kids. In fact, once you have cleaned out your attic it has the potential to be a great kids bedroom….

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