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How to Update Your Surroundings with the Trend in Metallics?

Whether it be the D & D building or 200 Lexington Avenue, the trend is obvious.  We all need to add shimmer to our environments.  There are many ways to incorporate this new accent.  You can create a whole room complete with wall covering, furniture and draperies or you can do one of the items listed above.

Can you imagine living in a house like this?  Maybe, this is too much but it makes you think!

But, more realistically a great way to add shine is through texture.  The first is a wall covering and the second is a furniture fabric

Fabrics that are prominent in the design world are great for draperies to let the shine in.

Of course small pieces of furniture or small spaces look great with this new shimmery desire.

Bathrooms are a great place to add embellishment and the gloss of the metallic paint will benefit moisture in the room.

Whether you do it large or do it small, whether you do it through texture or through paint, just do it!

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