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How to Use One of the Newest Trends…

Large floor lamps! Illumination for your home is key, especially if you are renting…It really makes the space feel cozy. Recently, I have noticed a change. Table lamps have grown larger and now, longer. Designers are using magnificent floor lamps to spice up a room. They act both as decoration and function. These pieces can be spotlights in your room and deliver a strong message; more importantly your style. From classical, modern, contemporary…picking the right model is important when designing your room. Also, keep in mind the purpose of the installation, to light up the space and evoke a certain emotion.

Floor Lamps, NYC Sleek and industrial, this over the top floor lamp has a strong presence in the room AND acts as a reading lamp for the sofa.

Lounge Gun Lamp Found this Gold plated gun lamp at the gallery on Houston and Broadway called Grassi Marco Inc. The collection is done by Philippe Starck. A piece like this functions as art and can add a touch of style.

This contemporary lamp was something I found interesting when I recently found a matching pair of them headlining a foyer. Instead of the traditional, and frankly unimaginative chandelier, the homeowners included two larger than life floor lamps that greeted you when you entered the house.

This room includes two floor lamps that really accent the room with the bright orange colorful shades as well as bring the dining room and living space together with their placement. It’s important not to clutter a room which is why its important to put thought into the arrangement of the lamps to make them attractive.

Finding the perfect lamps can be hard but it’s presence really accents a room. As long as you stick to a specific style and light that you want, whether it be bright for an entry way or soft for a baby’s room, these pieces can add to the final touches in your home decor.

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