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Kitchen Flooring: Wood Vs Tile

There are many options when it comes to your kitchen flooring – hardwood, tile, cork, laminate, vinyl or linoleum to name a few.  Most people will either choose a hardwood or tile flooring surface for their kitchen.  So, which one is best for you?  Here are the pros and cons of both:

Pro-Hardwood Flooring

*Hardwood flooring produces less wear and tear on your feet.  It tends to naturally retain heat, therefor making it an ideal material during the winter.

*Hardwoods are generally less expensive than tile flooring when you take labor and install into consideration.  The labor for tiling is much more higher than the labor involved in installing a hardwood floor.

*Hardwoods can also give the illusion of having a larger space, especially when you are using the same hardwood throughout your home.

*Hardwoods are currently on trend in kitchens these days.

*Over the long term, hardwoods are easier to clean and maintain than tile flooring.  With tile, the grout gets dirty and often times, needs to be re-grouted and sealed.  Tiles also tend to crack and chip over time.  Even if a hardwood has dents and scratches, it very easy to refinish and have them look like new again.

Pro – Tile Flooring

* What makes tile ideal for a kitchen is that tile is waterproof.

* Tile allows for many design possibilities.  It can become the focal point, design feature in your kitchen.

* Tile does not scratch, so the worry around shoes, chairs, dogs or heavy objects scratching your floor is not a concern.

Cons – Hardwood Flooring

* Because hardwood flooring isn’t waterproof, the user has to be diligent about cleaning spills up right away.  On the positive side, if small sections are damaged, those areas can be replaced easily.

* Hardwood floors do need to be refinished every 10 years or so.  The good thing is that refinishing a hardwood is not very expensive.

Cons – Tile Flooring

*As mentioned before, tile flooring can crack and the grout can get very dirty over time.  It is important to reseal your grout every year and every so often, the tile will need re-grouting.

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