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RENTAL FRIENDLY : Home Decor tricks to best utilize your square footage

A home is a home, whether it is rented or owned. Rental home always have us stumbling and second guessing how to best make use of our floorplans. Considering all the constrains and conditions how is one supposed to decorate and still make to get their deposit back? Here are a handful of smart decorating moves you can use best to take advantage of your square footage that won’t affect your security deposit or your relationship with your landlord:

  • Go linear - Keep things linear, vertical or horizontal, you will get an illusion of additional length and width. Moreover, often people miss the opportunity to utilize the room height, building decor vertically will trick your eye towards the ceiling.

  • Keep your palette simple - Light and airy colors in a room makes the space feel open. Keeping the decor close to the same monochromatic colors will have a similar effect. Find tone-on-tone pieces like pillows, floor cushions, and textiles that add visual interest without the busyness that can come with more maximalist-leaning methods of pattern mixing.

  • Lighten up with reflective, clear materials - If you want to keep a room looking bright, big, and airy, glassy and glossy materials work very well. Reflective materials create a sense of depth and double the presence of light. Moreover, clear glass or acrylic draw the eye back and create depth and help visually free-up space in a room.

  • Remember lighting is crucial - Good lighting will always be your best friend it you want your room to feel bigger. Dingy lighting shrink the room as you begin to lose the sense of depth in the space. And forget make full use of the natural lighting.

  • Use oversize art and window shades - It may seem counterintuitive, but big singular elements make the room feel bigger and more dramatic.

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