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Smart Technologies for Your Home

Having a smart home is not only a good way to be environmentally conscious, but a great way to save money.  With the emergence of newer wireless technologies, there are more companies providing these products and these newer systems are becoming less and less expensive.  Along with ease of cost, these devices are also easy to set up.

One of the areas where you can save a lot of money is through automation of your homes temperature devices.  The largest portion of your homes energy bill comes from costs associated from heating and cooling your home.  Here are a few products to consider:

Zone Based Thermostats divides your homes heating and cooling areas into zones.  This allows the user to have better control over temperature, so that unoccupied rooms are not being heated or cooled unnecessarily. Using this type of thermostat can save a homeowner an average of $180 per year.

Programmable Thermostats allow you to remotely set the temperature from your home using smart devices such as your tablet, smartphone and other wireless enabled devices.

Another area where smart technology can be utilized is through the automation of your homes appliances.

Power Times and Monitors gives the user real time feedback on how much energy is being used.  This allows the user to set power timers to run large appliances such as your hot tub and exhaust fans at the most optimal time.

Motion Sensors essentially control the lights and appliances in your home.  The motion sensor can detect if there is no one in the room and will automatically shut off appliances.

These automation products allow for your home to work smarter and more efficiently without a large upfront financial investment.

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