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Thread Count: What It Really Means

You may think that sheets displaying thread counts is a simple marketing ploy to make sheets seem more luxurious.  In truth, it is a scientific term with strict federal standards.  The thread count refers to the number of threads woven together in a square inch.  You count the warp and weft of the threads (lengthwise and widthwise).  To get a thread count of 200, you are counting 100 warp and 100 weft.  The higher in thread count, the finer the threads, the softer the sheet.  So is the sky the limit on thread count? – not really.  Anything above 400 will most likely only provide a higher price tag.

Besides thread count, there are other factors you want to consider when purchasing your sheets.  You want to look at the fiber of the material, the weave, which affects the way a sheet feels, looks, its longevity and price.  You also want to look at the finish and the dye of the fabric.

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