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Trends of 2013

Now that 2012 is coming to an end, I like to take a look back at the years fashion trends. From this springs pop of neon, the shiny metallic that laden the showroom, the mosaic’s collaged out of family photos, all of these style made 2012 very successful. But now is a look into the future, trends that have expired seem to come up again.

Nothing cozys-up a living room other then a shag rug. Even if you have carpet in your home, shag rugs are easy to incorporate in your home just by aligning it with your couch or fireplace. They come in lots of materials, like mohair to spoil your feet and toes.

The trick with Shag is not to go wall to wall. This cozy carpet acts like a large dust-ruffle so its nice to have the freedom to shake it out once in awhile. I love how it adds a little vintage look to this super-modern bedroom.

Neutral is not the only color these long fibered rugs should come in, like this circular bright green shag that imitates a patch of fresh-cut green grass. The look plays off with the other accessories places around this room.

Free-Standing fireplaces! Its a great choice if you are looking to install a fireplace into a room in your home and you are on a budget. This custom free-standing fireplace works not only as a warm hearth but also a piece of art. This type of conversation piece is best planned out with an interior designer who knows what your specific room needs.

Talk about reviving retro! I Love the lacquer candy coat on this vintage fireplace that accents the other colors that pop in the room. Something like this may have been discarded in the past, but look how perfectly it fits in this home.

Here is a free-standing fireplace for the more rustic home. Not only does this fireplace add heat to the home but it’s also a wood burning oven. I love the brick pedestal that frames the piece, which is also necessary to prevent any problems. 

Flocked Wallpaper, yes it’s back. But it is no longer a glimpse into the tacky times of the 60’s and 70’s. This texture on the walls only adds elegance to your home, like this warm chocolate bathroom.

Love this look. Elegant wall design with funky neon chairs make for a very interesting dining room!

This photo almost looks like a painting, but alas its the hand-picked accessories that match perfectly with the velvety wallpaper.

Rattan is not a trend of the past, nor your staple for patio furniture. These Johnathan Adler hanging chairs incorporate a bohemian theme to this home. Very casual and cool.

Rattan is a great material to use in your kitchen because it is very easy to clean. These Rattan bar stools are a perfect fit and color that blend well with the counter tops.

Rattan does not have to be rustic. Take, for example, these elegant living room chairs. Perfect for homes located in warmer weather but not strictly. I love how animal prints pair well with these type of chairs.

How luxurious! Known as the 5th wall, the ceiling is becoming more and more a focal point of these new trendy homes. The look is derived from the old Victorian homes, some of which you will find in mint condition in Charleston, SC or New Orleans.

Another example of a textured ceiling, except this style really grabs hold of the industrial look. With open plumbing, the ceiling looks unfinished but is a very classic way.

LOVE the look of this den with the peaking ceiling and wood paneling that accents the length of the room and the angles of the pool table and walls.

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