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Julie Holzman

Principal Interior Designer

Starting with one client in Westport, Connecticut, Julie Holzman founded Holzman Interiors in January of 1991 and incorporated it in 1993. Soon after, a friend gave her the opportunity to do her kitchen in Darien. Within no time, she was working on 7 homes on that street alone. Shortly after, she added a college graduate in design and a bookkeeper to the team. Holzman Interiors was on a roll.

Julie started her career in Fashion and Fashion Design but went in a new direction after her third child was born. Julie went back to school for Interior Design while simultaneously raising a family and apprenticing for an ASID professional. Her taste has evolved from the traditional environment where she lived and worked in Westport, Connecticut to a more transitional /contemporary taste level after moving to New York City. Cleaner lines began emerging in the design world several years ago and most clients want them incorporated into their spaces. A trip to Vietnam opened a new door in her aesthetic sensibility. Hanoi is a center for contemporary art and the contrasting absence and heavy use of color there helped her create a more minimalist approach to design.




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