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A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle


Bringing the outdoors in is something designers are constantly conscious about achieving within their designs. Ironically enough, homes are literally designed to enclose and separate you from the outside. However, it’s extremely beneficial for you to bring some of those natural outdoor elements back inside your home. From little green plants to natural wooden floors, designers and homeowners are almost always adding natural elements to their spaces to preserve the connection humans instinctively have to the nature around them.

The easiest and most beneficial way to bring the outside in and truly feel as if you’re outdoors is through natural light. Often times people today are so accustomed to easily flipping on a switch and having their entire house light up like Times Square, that we forget the biggest source of light and energy is only one curtain-open away. Not to mention that it’s more sustainable to avoid using artificial light during the day and instead utilize the natural sun, but it’s also better for you. Natural sunlight is known to increase productivity, boost your vitamin D levels, make you feel happier and calmer, and leave you an overall healthier person.

The way to have more natural light in your home? By having more windows, of course! As seen in this Scarsdale residence, the larger and more windows one has, the better. Note the series of three windows above the bed close to the ceiling – those windows aren’t meant to be looked out of while eating breakfast, they’re clearly too high up for that. The sole purpose of these windows is to allow for more natural light to shine over this beautiful master bedroom design. There are windows at almost every angle of this bedroom and is a perfect example of a design that allows for a ton of natural light to be let in while still preserving a minimalistic design. Less is more, but with sunlight, I suppose that more is actually more.

Most of us today are guilty of being so used to floor lamps next to couches and pendants over our kitchen tables that we often forget that the easiest, most natural source of light is right outside our windows. Only a little over a hundred years ago people were living without the invention of light and only used the light of the sun; imagine how happy and healthy they must have been?

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