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Custom Wood Adds Character To Home Design

Wood features create warmth and texture, adding character to any room. In this Connecticut residence, wood was used in a variety of ways, including in a custom chef’s kitchen, a living room and grand staircase.

In the large kitchen, the wood floor and custom cabinets are classic and durable, creating a warm and inviting room. With custom cabinets, the designer and homeowner can work together to create the look they want as well as making sure there is enough space for storage.

In this kitchen, a mix of glass and white wood cabinet doors and drawers offer space for dishes and glasses, while giving the room a brighter look.

The continuous wood floor from the kitchen into the living room creates a seamless open concept. Rich in color, it offers a contrast from the white walls, and large wood beams in the living room ceiling. The wood fireplace also adds character and serves as a focal point.

Using a large area rug under the living room sectional couch creates an intimate space in a larger room, creating flow and open space. The double glass and wood doors on either side of the fireplace allow in light and bring the outdoor view in as part of the living room’s charm.

Living Room

The grand staircase has dark wood risers and banisters, with white wood panels on the walls, echoing the contrast in the kitchen.

Main Hallway

Custom wood can be used in many different in many different design concepts, adding another dimension to the design.

Working with Holzman Interiors, a full-service interior design company, where experts can help you bring all the details together, is ideal when creating an overall look including custom wood.

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