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Designing with Dramatic Chandeliers

Lighting changes everything in a room, bringing out the colors in upholstery and making hardware and wood shine. Getting creative with your lighting can change the whole feeling of a room, and what better than a chandelier to accomplish that. Chandeliers are essentially illuminated sculptures, effectively functioning as a work of art in the space. They can add some color, some sparkle, and even can set the tone for a room. The possibilities are endless. Below are two examples of how I have used chandeliers in two very different contexts and two examples of how other designers have done the same. You can see what a large influence each chandelier has on the overall feeling of the room, even to the point of setting its tone.

Sitting Room in Simsbury, Connecticut by Holzman Interiors

Dining Room in New York City, New York by Holzman Interiors

A design by Natasha Barrault in Los Angeles, CA

Photograph by Elad Gonen and Zeev Beech

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