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Desks in Bedrooms

Whether your space is small or large, furnishing a bedroom with a desk adds to both the usability and aesthetic of your bedroom. In smaller houses and apartments, having the right desk in your bedroom can reduce clutter in all areas of the house while providing a relaxing area to get work done. In large houses with spacious bedrooms, an office area is a wonderful way enliven previously dead space, making the room more dynamic. Here are some wonderful combination office and bedroom ideas we found:

In a large bedroom it’s easy to let space go to waste–even if you add chairs, they may not get used. Desks on the other hand are always helpful. Even if you go into an office everyday for work, they’re great as a home finance battle station where you organize mail and important papers.

An unused closet can be transformed into a small office space within your bedroom while built in shelving can conserve storage space.

A desk within a bed is great for the smallest of spaces or a person who wants to add a playful but utilitarian feature to their bed.

This built in unit that descends into the wall combines style and function–a wonderful option for smaller residences.

Larger built in units that have a dresser and a desk are an easy way to include both furniture items in your room even if you don’t have enough wall space for separate pieces.

Combining desks and nightstands is a creative way to add surfaces to your bedroom or to maximize space!

Combination desks and headboards are a stylish way to sperate your work space from sleep space while still having them in the same room. This is also an excellent way to create partitions in lofts or studio apartments.

Adding a desk to your bed’s footboard is a chic way to include a desk in a bedroom where wall space may not be plentiful.

Bay windows, which generally do not accomodate a rectangular bed, are a great place to put a semicircle desk. How pleasant is it to sit at a desk that gazes through large windows?

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